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High intensity interval training will work your body from the floor up and all around. It builds cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. Get ready to be challenged to push your limits- you'll walk out feeling 100% worked out and 100 % successful!

Total Body Strength

With a focus on fundamental exercises, this class is for all levels of fitness! We'll use compound and isolation movements with various types of equipment to engage and strengthen every muscle, while also focusing on proper form and technique.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Yoga is all about balance: not just balancing on one leg, but finding balance in all areas of our lives. In this class we will dance along the balance of strengthening and relaxing. We use breathwork to calm the nervous system and invite peace, corework and other muscle toning moves, deep stretches and modifications for everyone. This class is perfect for someone who has never tried yoga before, and for people who have practiced all their life!

K-Adence Cycle

Ride the rhythm with this music driven class. You will experience all indoor cycle has to offer with interval training, hills, speed work, and jumps in and out of the saddle. It’s a party on a bike!

Cycle Ride

This high energy cycling class is designed to improve cardiovascular strength and endurance. Get an outdoor ride experience complete with hills and flat road challenges while focusing on distance, watts and heart rate.

Yoga Flow

In this class we will explore our breath, deepen our flexibility, play with balance, and connect with our bodies. Stretch, breathe, and move to alleviate tightness in the body & stress in the mind. This class goes beyond the hustle and the muscle!

Cycle and Strength

This ride will simulate varied terrain as you  tackle rolling hills, sprints, and other drills to give you a great interval workout. A combination of 20min road work/ 20min strength training off the bike makes this class the perfect total body workout!

HIIT, Strength & Core

This class is a head-to-toe cardio and strength workout that will elevate your heart rate by combining cardio, strength, and core exercises using your body weight, and a variety of equipment.

*Note- This class is filmed live for BeWell, our virtual platform, but you will not be seen on camera.

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